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Angela Wolf at a Regional Correctional Facility

Did you know that by the end of 2011, over 2.6 million men and women were behind bars?  Of those, nearly 600,000 are released annually. Two-thirds will commit another crime. This is where Fly Right comes in. 

These men, women and juveniles need someone who will visit them and share the Good News of the Gospel. We have some simple training which will prepare you for this life changing experience.

Fly Right also works with kids in schools addressing issues like abstinence, drugs, child abuse, suicide prevention, human sex trafficking and bullying. Our main approach, with many different speakers in assembly programs, is to teach kids that life has consequences.



Angela Wolf at a State Correctional Facility

Early on, Bill Glass noticed an unusual aspect of athletic success: When he talked, people listened. More than that, people asked him to talk. As a star football player in high school, an all-American at Baylor, and a defensive stalwart during eleven years in the NFL, Glass was regularly invited to stand up and say a few words. As his friends will tell you, Glass has always been an utterly straightforward sort of person. So when he stood to talk, he spoke about the things closest to his heart. He talked about sports, and he talked about Christ. And thus, a dynamic nationwide ministry was born.

His Dallas-based ministry is now called Bill Glass BEHIND THE WALLS. With a dedicated staff and volunteers numbering in the thousands, the ministry is known for its high-energy Day of Champions and Weekend of Champions events conducted inside prisons across the country. Bill says a board member kept badgering him to take his message into prison. “I kept resisting. I was frightened that I wouldn’t fit in with street kids and gangsters in prison.” After overcoming his fears, he saw dramatic results. “I was thrown into it kicking and screaming, but the response from the inmates was just unbelievable,” he said.

He has spent much of the last forty years ‘behind the walls.’ He has taken along other pro athletes, champion weight lifters, magicians, tight-rope walkers – as well as race cars, stunt planes, motorcycles, and just about anything or anyone else – to draw prisoners out for a message of hope and deliverance. He discovered that prison inmates are just like everyone else: They will listen to what an athlete has to say, and they will respond to a heartfelt Christian witness. All these years later, Bill Glass is still talking, and people are still listening.


Angela Wolf, Big James Henderson, Devin Wyman

The Winning Edge is a 501c3 non-profit organization making an impact on communities around the nation. By adding our strengths to existing programs in schools and prisons, and through sports and rallies; The Winning Edge helps others overcome limits in often challenging situations. Founded to provide encouragement, inspiration and support, the Winning Edge has heard and obeyed the call to instigate change and make good things happen.

It is the mission of The Winning Edge to make a positive impact on communities across the nation through charitable, educational, religious and literary activities. Our vision is to bring Christians together outside the walls of the church, to impact communities. We aspire to bring the love and Good News of Jesus Christ in practical ways to prisons and schools, and through rallies, sports camps and other events. By uniting together we can all accomplish something bigger than ourselves, conquer difficult challenges and touch the lives of those who need it most.