Original Blues/Americana/Roots


"Wrestling with Redemption"


 ANgela Wolf
 lead vocals - guitar

Russ McDaniel
 guitars - vocals

Rob Boudreaux

bass - guitars - keyboards

Daniel Foster
Drums  - Guitar - vocals  - sound

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Ben McMorris

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Rex mcdaniel

Mike Gerstner


Ben McMorris

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     Soul Salvage Project’s brand of music is a deep slice of Delta Blues slathered with timeless yet poignant messages taken straight from the streets and heavily sprinkled with the flavors of Southern Rock, Country, and R & B. 

     Angela Wolf's gutsy lyrics and Soul Salvage Project's unforgettable sound cuts through the wasteland of stereotypical Christian & Crossover bands blazing a new trail. With her deep soulful voice, Angela weaves stories that are saturated with truth and emotion. Although she is often compared with the likes of Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt, her inspiration, motivation, and dedication to her divine mission are clearly tied to Jesus Christ. She is an outstanding songwriter, performer, and Christian speaker who knows how to tackle difficult subject matter as only one with first-hand experience can do boldly and effectively.

     This emerging Deep South powerhouse of a band is held together by the percussive acoustics of Russ McDaniel. His melodic yet driving arrangements deliver distinctive musical hooks that grab both the young and older audiences. Russ has always been drawn to bands whom definitely do not conform to the Nashville "Cookie Cutter" norm. He is influenced by the likes of The Alabama Shakes, The Band of Heathens, Derek Trucks, and numerous other indy artists. In fact, Russ's style is often compared to that of Legend Wille Nelson due to his his heavy base-line strum patterns and fluid walking between chords. Russ credits his success to his Savior, Jesus Christ, to his family, and to his insatiable love of Americana music. He is truly a "Working Man's Man" and a tremendous asset to Soul Salvage Project as a songwriter, performer, and humble team player.

      Soul Salvage Project has been joined by many outstanding musicians over the years. However, in late 2012 and 2013 the perfect complement of talent, heart, and chemistry came to fruition with the addition of the latest two multi-talented members of SSP:  Rob Boudreaux (Bass, Piano, & Guitar) and Daniel Foster (Drums & Guitar.) Both Rob and Daniel have brought another dimension to Soul Salvage Project's music and mission.

    Hailing from New Orleans, Rob Boudreaux has an eclectic yet well-rounded musical influence far from the Americana, Heavy Metal, and Rock roots of SSP's other band members. Rob brings a funky edge to Soul Salvage Project's music with his background in the tradition of the band YES, Genesis, and Pink Floyd. Being a former jazz fusion bassist who studied the magic of jazz bassist, Pat Metheny, and the melodic moves of Chris Squire gave Rob the edge that SSP had long desired in a bassist.  Rob is also a graduate of the University of New Orleans, a longtime student of the Bible, and a newly wed!

     Born in upstate New York, Daniel Foster relocated to the Baton Rouge Area as a young child. His quiet demeanor is a slick cover for a very talented, outrageously humorous musician and sound guru. In his younger years, he took to the mean streets of New York City to reach out the lost and forgotten. He then went on to tour with a Christian rock band to China, Hong Kong, The Bahamas, and the Southeastern United States. He is both a songwriter, a drummer, a guitarist, and vocalist. Beyond Daniel's obvious talent, his love and insight into hurting people makes a statement, his contributions as a professional sound technician are invaluable, and his enthusiasm is inspiring. 

l Salvage Project's Founder, songwriter, and lead vocalist, Angela Wolf, came the 1980's Rock and Heavy Metal scene. Originally from South-side Virginia, she has lived and performed all over the Southeastern United States.    
In 2008, Angela and her family moved to Southern Louisiana from Cape Coral, Florida. It was then that Angela stepped back into the professional music scene after many years of silence. This time, it was not her love of the limelight that pressed her forward. It was her faith that pushed her beyond where she had gone before. She realized that she had been given a powerful talent and the ability to influence people for the sake of Jesus Christ. She had a checkered past and had final found Truth, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Grace that only comes from heaven above. It is her personal experience with drugs, crime, abuse, and addiction which gave her the voice (platform) on which she now stands.  She quickly found other Christian musicians steeped in the musical traditions of Louisiana who had the same motivation and similar talents. 

    In addition to leading Soul Salvage Project, Angela is a motorcyclist associated with the Christian Motorcyclist's Association (C.M.A.), a prison speaker/performer,  a Christian speaker, an outreach ministry leader, a Samaritan's Purse Disaster Relief Volunteer, a praise team member and musician for two of 
Woodland Park Baptist Church's campuses, a mother and homeschooler of two young men, and finally the wife of a corporate pilot.
      Today, Angela and the band write music that document life's struggles, heartbreak, and an uncompromising faith in God. The rest is history in the making...




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